Thursday, June 03, 2010


The kids are asleep in their beds upstairs, and I'm enjoying the quiet. Well, I've got some live Earth, Wind, & Fire going.


Things are really looking up at the moment. The job situation just took a turn for the better, let me tell you. I'm technically working at four places. The rundown:

The Brain Institute has hired me to work Mon/Tues/Wed. It's a beautiful office with a terrific staff.

Mindful Directions is my other primary gig. I've been slowly building a client base there, and look forward growing with them.

Hurst Christian Church, where I have been staff counselor since 2008. They've been terrific to me. I just started accepting Medicaid there.

The Depression Connection Team, for whom I run two weekly depression/bipolar support groups. They've been just terrific to me.

It keeps a boy busy!


Tonight the kids and I sat out on the balcony and ate our treats in the cool evening air. THEGIRL and I had mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Wolfboy had marshmallows.


This weekend I'm going to take a crack at making tortilla soup.


I have the world's greatest girlfriend. Wow. Seriously. Wow.


Been digging John Legend lately. The guy could really become this era's Marvin Gaye.


Turning in soon. Good night.