Friday, June 30, 2006

And So It Begins

We dropped Kelli off at DFW airport this afternoon.

I've gotta admit, it made me... well, a little queasy. Honestly, it kinda made my guts revolt a bit.

But she's off, and in fact called a few minutes ago from her connection in Newark. The flight was fine until the landing, when they did one of those things where the plane feels like it's falling. She--and her own guts--made it in one piece anyway.


Moment: As we were driving to the airport, I asked THEBOY if he had anything to say to Mama as she got ready to leave. He said, "I will miss you, I love you, and--hey, two police cars!"

And that was that.


So part of the preparations for this trip included some financial/retirement stuff, a rudimentary will, and life insurance (which we'd been lacking since I left my job in TEEVEE).

The life insurance guy was here today, asking us all sorts of questions, taking blood, all that.

He weighed me: 156.5. Fine, fine...


But see, we made these videos for the kids. THEGIRL is really too young to understand that her mother's going to be gone for a while but will return. So we shot about a half hour of various things for the kids to watch when missing their mother: Singing songs, reading books, that sort of thing. It's really sweet footage, and so far both of the kids seem to like it.

Thing is, there's footage of me on there. I was on the way to Krav Maga, and THEBOY had the camera. We joked around, and he got shots of me that made it clear that Dad's right: I'm too skinny.

Crud. I've gotta do something about that.


We found a babysitter, by the way. One of our original choices got back to me today. Whoo hoo!


Moment: As THEGIRL slept this afternoon, THEBOY and I checked on her via the baby cam. She was out, and looked so sweet and innocent sleeping there. I said something about it, and THEBOY said, "She looks like a flying monkey asleep."


Gotta jet--I think the flying monkey has a code brown.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pure devastation

Well, Kelli will be gone in 14-odd hours, due back in early August.

Have we lost our minds?

She'll be outside of Florence, spending some days on a hillside archaeological dig and some in a lab. The farmhouse which will house the students does not have air conditioning. She's been advised to bring mosquito repellent.

But it'll be the trip of a lifetime hopefully.


I'm supposed to be in, you know, CLASS and all Saturday morning. Neither of our potential babysitters has returned calls tonight. Crap.


Let's see... it's about to be June 30, right? This semester is about a month old. We've nearly wrapped up the ethics textbook. We'll soon have our second exam in advanced counseling.

And my financial aid has not been disbursed. My tuition is not paid, and I'm even lacking one pricey-ass textbook.

The lender told me today it'd be disbursed tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it.


Krav Maga went well this evening. Big fun! We practiced 10 different elbow strikes. Then we worked on a knife defense. Those are the ones that stick in my head, that really kind of... unnerve me. For some reason even the idea of dealing with an assailant holding a gun doesn't quite shake me up like a knife.

I worked out with Roland, a nice guy I pair up with sometimes. This guy can punch and kick like no one's business though. Man! Pure devastation.

Big class too! I counted 22 folks. Makes for a crowded mat. Nice problem to have.


So, uh... anyone free Saturday morning?

The Clock is Ticking Down...

Kelli leaves tomorrow for her trip to Italy. After that it's five weeks of solo BB with kids... hoo boy.

Naturally, our babysitter just fell through.

Luckily, we didn't put all our eggs in one basket. We'll get it taken care of (he said to himself, unconvincingly...)


We ran errands today, getting a few last-minute things for the trip together. We went to Krav Maga, which went well. A photographer from the Star-Telegram showed up. Seems they're going to run a feature on the school sometime soon--coooool. Will holler, of course, when it's available.

Evening KM classes, like the one I'm going to attend in about 30 minutes, tend to be packed now. Sensei said he had 24 in there last night.


I'm watching Power Rangers Ninja Force with THEBOY right now. Kind of fell into it by accident, and you know... he seems so happy to be sharing this with me.


I'm going to miss Kelli something awful.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Update from G-Par

From Geoff, who now lives in DC, where there's been some bad flooding of late:


We lost some stuff, but you know, mostly stuff we didnt' need anyway. We dealt with it fine the first night, we both have country roots and dealing with floods is just something that gets stuck in your DNA. (definition of a low maintenance woman: When you ask her to help you sweep three inches of water out of your apartment and into an unclogged drain the only question she has is whether you have any bricks to put under the furniture legs). But we both almost broke last night when it flooded again. It wasnt' as bad this time, but that meant that instead of draining it out the front door we were sucking it into a shop vac and then I was lifting a little over a hundred pounds of water up and dumping it into the tub. Thats a fun way to spend an hour.

We were both ready to collapse into bed but our bedroom is the only room with carpets and it smelled terrible, mildew was already setting in, and the new flood had resoaked the carpet that we had gotten reasonably dry that morning, we tried to find a hotel, but we only know where two are. We got to one, a little before midnight and there was an orthodox jew ahead of us in line. He must have had some kind of convention going on, because he spent literally 20 minutes confirming whether other jewish people had already checked into the hotel. He was still going at it when we finally we gave up and drove home to sleep in our recliners. Hell of a night. I got the bed moved out of our bedroom this morning, figured the mildew would destroy it if I didn't, but I told Mel we could get a hotel if she wanted to, I'm not sure what she has planned.

Some Baseball Stuff

Baseball guru Peter Gammons has suffered a brain aneurysm, I'm sorry to say.

In baseball media, he is the center of it all. Everything revolves around him in some shape or form. He is the Walter Cronkite of baseball. I hope he recovers, and recovers well.


And how about the umpiring travesty last night? Mark Teixeira's bloop down the right field line clearly made chalk dust fly, indicative of having STRUCK the line, which would have made it a fair ball. At least two runs should have scored, tying the game.

Instead the umpire there ruled it foul, and the Rangers went berserk. Teixeira was ejected for the first time in his career, like Michael Young had been earlier after a strikeout. Oh, and Mark DeRosa and Buck Showalter were tossed too.

Visit Jamey Newberg's site for his angry take on the whole thing.


Fight Night on Spike tonight, baby!


Advanced counseling went well last night. I knew the material, and felt the sharpest I've felt all semester. I spoke up in class, made my presence known for a change.


Clock's ticking... Kelli leaves Friday.


Ya'll have a good day.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dig It?

Man, kickboxing was cool tonight! I hauled the kids over and we caught the end of the Krav Maga class Kelli was in. I counted 22 bodies in there. That's a huge class!

I let the kids hit the heavy bags at the edge of the mat to burn off some energy. Every time 6'8" Sensei L'Onis would stroll by THEGIRL would run off like he was the giant that Jack (of beanstalk fame) had so much trouble with. Cute.


And I had energy to burn in kickboxing! Man, I can't remember having that kind of stamina in there before. The combinations were coming pretty well after I got this one step down. I think I also learned something that'll help me put more power behind my kicks. Hips--they're amazing when properly utilized.

After that he said that anyone with gear who wanted to spar could step up. Maaaaaaan! I was dying over there. I have no gear yet! I'll get that taken care of as soon as I can. I was like a whining puppy at the edge of the mat watching those guys.


I read THEBOY a Power Man comic from the 70s at bedtime tonight. He got a real kick out of Luke Cage saying "dig it?" and calling everyone, including bad guy Mace, "baby." I had to read a few parts multiple times just so he could hear the dialogue again.


But now I'm finally tiiiiiiired.


I dialed in a bunch of effects and played along with Robin Trower's "Bridge of Sighs" for a while tonight. Simple enough song, but fun to play. Gotta wonder if that guy ever got sick of playing it. I saw him play it when he opened for Foreigner, and he seemed lost in his playing from what I recall. Of course, that was 1984.


Boogie time. Be good.


Good afternoon, good afternoon.

It's been a fine day here I suppose, save for the couple hours we spent at a financial advisor's office, doing responsible grownup-type stuff.

Gotta get a number of things wrapped up before Kelli goes to Italy, and today was a good start.


Been watching some of Deadliest Catch lately. I forget what channel it's on. You know the show--it's the one where those guys are crabbing in the Bering Sea, risking life and limb for big cash payouts. They work awfully hard in the worst conditions I can imagine, going on little sleep as well.

To be out there on a boat that's pitching back and forth, working on 3-5 hours' sleep (maybe), using a wooden hammer to chip off several tons of ice in sub-zero temperatures... man, there ain't a paycheck big enough.

Kinda surprised that there's been no mention of amphetamines. I mean, no one acts like they're amped up, there's been no mention of the use of speed in that industry... weird. I would have guessed it'd be rampant.


Kickboxing tonight. This boy is READY.


Gotta boogie. Time to make some supper for the kids.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ya'll Go On... I'll Keep the Home Fires Burning...

Know what you REALLY ought to do? You really ought to keep an eye on Nadine's blog. See, she's in Bangladesh for a while. She's soaking in culture, writing about her experiences in a land the likes of which many of us may never visit.

Me, I'm sitting on my pasty white butt and writing way too much about TV and Krav Maga.


Snack that's currently rockin' my world: This coconut pie-flavored yogurt from Blue Bunny. You dip a banana in that stuff and man, you've got yourself a fine, healthy snack!


See? Really... Nadine's likely to be much more interesting.


It's been a good day I suppose. I woke up much improved from the sinus nonsense I've experienced lately. This afternoon while Kelli and THEBOY went to a birthday party, I worked out a bit with the speed bag in the garage. Man, it's been a while. I was never a whiz at it, and let me tell you, I'm far worse than that now.


Jeez, how about Ed Herman and Kendall Grove last night? I didn't know Kendall had it in him. Hated to see Josh lose at all, but at least it was to Bisping, whom I like.


Been loading up on the groceries, as Kelli leaves for Italy this Friday and it'll be just THEKIDs and me for five weeks. I'd rather avoid making big grocery trips with both of them in tow, hence the stocking up.

So let's see... while I'm here playing Mr. Mom to my two kids, Kelli will be in Italy, Henley will be in Greece, and... did I mention Nadine already?

And when is Hood's Hawaii trip?



Gotta jet. Be good.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pound Pound Pound

This day hasn't gone exactly as planned. Kelli and I both woke up feeling a bit under the weather.


I headed off for class feeling tired and foggy-headed, and I had a sinus headache. Inflate, deflate, inflate, deflate... My sinuses have been very busy today, and everything they've done has hurt.

But I think I did okay on the ethics test. Maybe I got an A. I don't think my essay answers were my sharpest ever, but I think I did well enough.


I came home thinking I'd have a modest lunch and tough out this afternoon's Krav Maga class. I bent down to hug THEGIRL and WHOA did my head hurt. I recalled the punch defenses we've been working on this week, the ones that left my ears ringing a few nights ago, and decided I'd skip class today.

I've been to three KM classes, two kickboxing classes, and the Friday kickboxing/Krav Maga combatives class. I figure I've done enough.


That Friday class went well enough, and I've gotta say that for a few minutes I wondered if it'd be a disaster. I've been eating a bit on the light side lately anyway, so after a day of mostly nibbling and small meals, I found myself HUNGRY five minutes into the most demanding class at the school. Aw crud.

But I paced myself, downed a few calories by way of my sports drink and did okay.


This afternoon was nap time. Nap nap nap. Crashed for a couple hours.

Tonight my head still hurts. I'm looking forward to the fights on Spike though.


Kelli and THEBOY have headed off to Ft. Worth to check out the FW Symphony doing music from Star Wars and ET and such set to lasers. I gather there'll be some storm troopers and maybe even a Boba Fett there. Needless to say, THEBOY is pumped.


Have a good evening.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Quick Hits

Overheard at the Supercuts this afternoon:

"I kicked that guy with both feet. Kicked him so hard he almost did a backflip. Then he got up and punched me, and it was the right kind of punch. That was it."


Say, how long will ESPN contiue to flat-out ignore the MMA world? How about your local sports page? Do they think it's scripted or something? This sport is drawing big numbers--surely a buck would lure them in if nothing else. At least Fox Sports is dabbling in Pride broadcasts.

(Yes, I know that ESPN Classic airs some 15-year-old kickboxing/Muay Thai bouts... I don't have Dish, so I don't get to watch much.)

Update from Caffeine Central

Had another one of those crazy dreams in Spanish. Happens once in a while. I don't remember much, except the last line:

"Hay alguien aqui quien habla ingles? Yo puedo hacer esto mucho mejor en ingles."


"Is there someone here who speaks English? I can do this much better in English."


Yesterday I truly acted like an unemployed guy. That is, I didn't get a whole heck of a lot done. I took two naps. Two! I did make some headway towards undoing my school financial aid cluster****, supposedly. We'll see.

I attended a pair of KM classes. At the lunchtime class I got another stripe.


Thank you, thank you. Please remain seated.

Did I mention that Kelli got her first stripe Wednesday? I've exaggerated this tale, I think, to some folks. But she tells me that her somewhat giddy response to getting the stripe prompted a grinning "Oh GOD" response from Sensei as she received it.

I find this quite amusing.


Gotta say, I'm having a change of heart about attending BJJ. I'm not even sure I can say why. I think I'll stick with Krav Maga and kickboxing for the foreseeable future.

I just... I can't get comfortable in there. No one's fault but my own. Maybe I'll tackle it in earnest someday.


It's been a good day so far. Kelli and I hit Starbucks. I've currently got enough caffeine in me to fuel the next unmanned Mars mission.


I'd still like for anyone who is interested to share: What changed your life? What moment/incident/epiphany altered the course of your life?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

how beautiful

Current music: “I’ll Play the Blues for You” by Albert King. (“Come on baby… let’s rap a while…”)


I managed to swing an 81 on the advanced test, which… I can live with. Considering I don’t even have the book yet, I’d say I did okay.


Class went well overall. I’d say this is just starting to click a bit. I mean, I still have a ton of education ahead of me, and I’ve gotta do practicum and internship work… but I’m finally starting to get an inkling of how the puzzle pieces go together I think.


Kinda like martial arts in a way, I suppose. You get taught all these techniques, and the idea is that when the time comes you can assemble something useful from the pieces.


THEBOY this morning, bopping around the kitchen as we prepared to depart for school: “Come on—let’s go see how beautiful [THEGIRL] looks today.”


Every morning those two “say hello to the neighborhood” before we actually get IN the van and leave for school.

Lately that means they run like mad to the far side of the house. Over there is a shady stretch of dirt I’ve never managed to grow a blade of grass on.

And each morning they go stare at it like it’s saying, “If you build it they will come.”


Random plug: Let me just say how terrifically pleased we’ve been with Sensei L’Onis and Tiger Klay’s Mid-Cities Krav Maga. I’m starting to see some of those “other” benefits of martial arts, not to mention the fitness and the usefulness of the training. He’s great at what he does, and gregarious and approachable. If you’re anywhere near Hurst and interested I highly recommend this school. Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are also available.

(No, I’m not on the payroll)


Current music: "Ballad of the Sun and the Moon" by Alejandro Escovedo.


Have a good Wednesday, ya'll.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I was funky

Current music: "'Til We Meet Again" by Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.


I dreamed I was trying to explain James Brown to someone who'd never heard of him before. I was doing my best JB, barking out lines like "Bootsy--lemme hear ya!" and imitating some Maceo Parker too.

I was funky.

Good gawd, ya'll.


Went to Krav Maga with the wife today, and that went well. Good workout. Lotta reviewing this week since it's stripe test and all.


Gotta do some reading for class tonight.


Geoff touched on this recently. What was a turning point in your life? Did you know it at the time?

I've gone on about the nutria and how it may have changed things for me. I've had a few moments like that, and unlike the nutria incident, sometimes I had an inkling at the time what had just happened.


February of '04, sitting at my desk at Big Corporation, miserable, and suddenly someone shows up at my cube. I'll call him Mr I.T.

He'd been missing from work a while. That is, no one knew (or would say) where he was, and there were rumors that it was health-related.

I guess he was MIA a couple months. We started to talk, and he sort of poured his heart out about how he'd lost a couple days from his memory, how he'd been found somewhere, unconscious, and in a bad way generally. Went into the hospital, then into a rehab facility.

Now he was sober for the first time in years, somewhat bewildered (especially at the memory loss), but glad to be alive, and in the very earliest stages of re-discovering life without a beer in his hand.

In fact, he recounted to me how he'd had a drinking regimen even for his drive home from work. One beer was meant to last one stretch of road, another beer for another particular stretch... you get the drift.

And as he spoke, I thought, I need to help these guys. I understand this stuff, I think about it a lot, I have experience with it...

My daughter was a couple weeks from being born, and suddenly I was struck with this notion to seize my destiny and do something meaningful with my life.

Mr. I.T. probably has no idea he affected the course of my life that way.


Happy Tuesday.

plastic gloves, a suppository and a flashlight

Say Bruiser--what've you got against Austin, anyway? Just curious.


Current music: "Wet Pussycat" by Unida. Rock rock rock.


Mowed today, then hit the SMU campus with Kelli for a couple errands.


Went to kickboxing tonight, and that was good for sure. Speed was good, breathing's coming along, combinations were just poppin'.


Tomorrow I suppose I'll get the test results from last week's advanced counseling techniques test. B-Man is hoping for a B, man.



Tonight the boy referred to his "Megamorph" toy as a "Morgameph," which was pretty amusing.


THEGIRL's been plugged up. Will spare you all, but tonight we almost had to resort to drastic measures as she slept. Went into her room with plastic gloves, a suppository and a flashlight. I figured that if we didn't get her pipes moving she'd at least get the satisfaction of recalling the whole thing to a therapist someday.

Luckily, nature had already taken its course.


Hoping to squeeze in a Krav Maga class tomorrow afternoon. This week is stripe test, so I'd like to show my face in there as often as I can.


Tired. BB need sleep.

B good.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Which American Cities Best Fit You?

American Cities That Best Fit You::
75% Austin
60% Atlanta
50% Denver
50% Honolulu
50% Las Vegas

Where the Time Goes

Happy Father's Day to you dads out there. I need to call my own shortly.

I got a nice card from the family, and I imagine I'll get a nap or maybe a chance to do a little shopping later. Mostly I'd like to just treat today like any other day.

For now, sipping coffee and listening to some music will do nicely.

Current music: "Who Knows Where the Time Goes?" by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs.


"I just need an overwhelming amount of love. And a nap. Mostly a nap." Townes Van Zandt.


And Paul McCartney turns 64 today in case you somehow haven't heard. I'm guessing that when he wrote that song he had no idea he'd be divorcing his second wife on this particular birthday.


I took it easy last night, finally managed to overcome this restlessness and camp out in front of the TV to watch the Rangers beat the D'Backs 8-4. Good game. Gary Matthews, Jr. is all the buzz due to games like that (homer, stolen base, 2 RBIs and a great catch at the wall if I recall). But how about Jerry Hairston, Jr. with his hustle on offense and defense? So far I'm pretty impressed with what he brings to the game.


Current music: "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" by the Beastie Boys. Yep.


THEGIRL has been plugged up lately. Never have two parents been so pleased to have a disastrous diaper like last night's...


Two weeks until Kelli leaves for Italy. Have we lost our minds? Maybe.

We may have our babysitter ironed out at least. Our first choice has landed a nanny gig elsewhere this summer. She's terrific, so I'm glad she got a really plum job.

But a really ideal candidate learned we needed someone and said she'd do it before she even had the specifics. It ain't a done deal yet, but I'd say chances are this will work out.


I slept like a rock. I dreamed I parked my truck, a Chevy I used to have, by a river, and it slid in. I wasn't pleased, but I thought I could pull it out with my own two hands. Never got a chance to see that in the dream though.


Two songs I've been playing on guitar lately: "Stain on the Sun" and "God Speed You to Earth" by the Bevis Frond. Both are tons of fun, but really, the latter is about two minutes too long I'd say. Still, I like bashing out those chords, making a big noise, big noise.


More coffee. Ya'll have a terrific day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

BB Pontificates

This country, hell--this WORLD is full of folks with differing viewpoints. Conservatives/liberals, vegetarians/carnivores, fighters/pacifists, Tom Green fans/people with taste... you get the drift.

I don't talk just a whole lot about some things. I'm usually disappointed by politics no matter who's running things. Religion--well, I don't have the answers.

I can say with great certainty, though, that I am firmly opposed to leaving the windows in one's van down overnight.


Here's why:

When one goes out in the morning to turn on the sprinklers, well, it's only AFTER the water's spraying all over the place and one is 50 feet from the faucet that one realizes that the windows in the aforementioned van are down and the water's going right in.


But there's more.


See, when one darts into the house for keys, then zips out to raise the windows, well, one might overzealously START the van by accident while turning the key as quickly as possible.

And that's not a bad thing in and of itself, except that the motions of a V-6 turning over are apparently QUITE startling to the neighborhood cat who at some point made himself at home in the van to urinate, defecate, or perhaps scout a place for his little hussy to pop out some kittens.


So when one is rolling up the windows in one's van to halt the wetting of one's upholstery, that neighborhood cat might be capable of a startlingly acrobatic move that involves leaping up from some unknown place to climb up the startled van owner's back and actually leap Indiana Jones-style through the rapidly-closing window.


In closing, I'd like to say that, while I dearly love my wife, I do hope that next time she uses the van she'll roll up the windows when she's done.

(And I'd like to thank her for cleaning my cat scratches)


Oh, and vote Kinky.


Krav/kickboxing class went okay tonight. I guess it was right in the middle of the pack as far as how I did. I wasn't as gassed as my worst classes, but I didn't pace myself well enough to have a thing left by the end. I'm glad I went though.



Yours truly, speaking to THEBOY: "I'm sorry you're disappointed about Mr. Potato Head."


"I cannot believe I just said that."


The Mummy is on TNT tomorrow night. Without going into much detail, let me just say that on any night there's a Brendan Fraser movie playing on TV, you shouldn't bother calling the Briscoe Casa de Amor after 9pm.

No, wait until about 9:10pm, and if I sound breathless when I answer, it's the fault of Kelli and Mr. Fraser.

(Eh, I ain't complaining)


Boogie time. Ya'll have a good one.

Rampant Masochism

I got the decal thing put up last night. Man, it was just a dozen-odd little rubber pieces that were supposed to be a witch when done. I thought I had a reasonable facsimile assembled, but the boy pointed out that I'd used a piece of her hat to make her leg.

He stared at it for a sec, then said, "Let's just put up the other skeleton." Dang, how many of those things do we have?

Sure enough, there's another skeleton decal in his room. Looks much easier at least.


Current music: "Early in the Morning" by the Gap Band.


Something I'd never experienced happened in Krav Maga last night: A white belt pointed out that I'd lined up incorrectly (that is, out of rank order).

"That's right, junior, Ima just strut on ovah here to where the rest of mah yelluh belt brethren are holdin' court..."


The other night a student stopped an instructor as he wrapped up a demonstration and asked him to show it full-force. So WHAM, he kicked the bag she was holding like it had called his mama a bad name.

I muttered, "Man, she's a masochist."

Couple minutes later she came over and said, "Who over here called me a masochist?"

I looked up, shocked. "Uh, me."

She offered a handshake and said, "Thank you" with a big smile.


Later she informed me that she's a sadist as well.


I'm sore in about a half a dozen places, and I'm due to hit the killer Krav/kickboxing class here in a little while (speaking of masochism...)


Got a lot done today. I'd let myself get way behind on my ethics reading, but as of today I'm caught up. I've got one brief little assignment I've gotta knock out tonight, but about 90% of the work for tomorrow is behind me.


Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Notes from the Heel

Moment: Kelli, a couple days ago, singing along with Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs on... I think it was a cover of the Beach Boys' "Warmth of the Sun."



I'm behind on my reading (already), so I'm diving in, trying to catch up by Saturday. This means I read a whopping two chapters in the ethics textbook today. Tomorrow I need to read three more, as well as an unknown (as I fear the Syllabus Gods are angry) amount of The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle. It doesn't exactly read like Dave Barry, lemme tell ya.


Moment: Finding pieces of a Halloween window decal in the windowsill a moment ago. THEBOY asked me so many times to fetch it from the Halloween decorations in the attic (and I loathe going up there). Not sure where he found it, or how many times he's asked me to help him put it up. It's made up of several pieces, and when I saw them there I suddenly felt like my sweet young boy has asked me and somehow I've not found the time to do such a simple task.

So at this moment, I feel like a heel.


I'll see if we can get it done tomorrow.


I hit this house like a tornado today, cleaning the kitchen, the living room, vacuuming... I had a deal for Kelli: I let her take a big nap while I did all that and watched the boys so maybe she'd let me attend a lot of martial arts classes tonight. I threw in supper, which was warm and ready when I woke her up.

I fetched THEGIRL from school, zipped through the grocery store with her, came home for a quick change and was off to Tiger Klay.


Moment: THEGIRL in bed tonight, having lost track of her beloved Doggie doll, the one THEBOY gave her when she was an infant. It's emerged as the favorite bedtime toy, and she was calling my name, crying as she felt around in the dark for it. I found it right next to her, and she sniffled and smiled at me. More kisses, more hugs... night night.


The first class tonight was kickboxing, and that's always pretty physically demanding. We worked on combinations, which went well for me. Hand speed was good. Since that was triggering so well I made a point of working on my breathing. It's getting there. We had 10 free minutes of bag time at the end, so I worked on a punch/kick combo that befuddled me some weeks ago. I went much better tonight.


The second class was Krav Maga. We worked on some new stuff: a combination including a groin kick, hammer fist, and three open-palm strikes. Good stuff, but holding a bag for someone kicking upwards was hard on the hands for sure. We also worked on a cool stick defense/disarm, and wrapped up with 30 seconds of elbows.

We often wrap up with 30 seconds of knees, which is a booger of a drill. This variation was a welcome change of pace. Gotta admit I take some pride in banged up elbows.


I think I'll go put that decal on the window in a sec. I suppose that, developmentally speaking, it'd be better if I did it WITH him tomorrow.

But at this point in time I'd like to... feel better.


The last class was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I think I'd had two BJJ classes in my life prior to this. One was at Whit's school quite a while ago, and one occurred by accident at Tiger Klay once, when the schedule was messed up, and I was in the right (?) place at the right time.

But I mean to start mixing some in, seeing if I can get some ground tools to become better-rounded.

Heh heh.

I was lost from the get-go. The shrimping warmups across the mat even took some input. I got the hang of 'em though.


We worked on two things: an escape from a standing guillotine (sort of like a headlock or a choke from the front), and a series of ground transitions beginning from side control.

I actually did pretty welll with the guillotine escape. I was startled at how well it rolled out of me. I never did mess it up (yes, that's surprise you're detecting...). I DID get dumped on my head once. I know how to fall better than that... can't get so sloppy.

The side control bit was a disaster though. For simplicity's sake (that is, in consideration of my newbie status) I was only supposed to go to a type of arm lock called a kesa getami (holy CRAP how is that spelled?). I never got it, never did it right. By then class was ending anyway, so to tell the truth I didn't get to work on it much.


BB was tiiiiiiiiired after all that, let me tell you.


Current music: In Absentia by Porcupine Tree.


Ya'll have a terrific Friday.


Man, the ethics textbook is a dull read.

Check out this quote though, from the 1947 APA (American Psychological Association) convention:

"We have left therapy as an undefined technique which is applied to unspecified problems with a nonpredictable outcome. For this technique we recommend rigorous training."


Just a quick note. I've got studying to do today, and THEBOY has a guest, so I've gotta keep an eye on those two lil' buggers.


THEBOY, in the tub last night, to his guest: "I've got a great idea for something to do! I'll tell you as soon as Daddy leaves."


Our #1 choice for a sitter while Kelli's away fell through, dang it. Got feelers out for another.

If anyone knows of someone...


Gotta jet.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

qualifying for the psychological Olympics

Current music: Porcupine Tree. Lots of it. Just great fistfuls of smart, wistful, angular, melodic rock.


The day became... unfunny at some point yesterday.

I'll try not to go overboard with this...


Took the test in advanced counseling techniques.

See, I don't have the right BOOK. I've got the first edition, and the class is using the fifth. That's what happens when one's financial aid gets delayed due to an imbroglio that perhaps finally got resolved yesterday.


This is the book I got from the UTA library a couple weeks back. Parking was a bear. I finally found a meter, and dug three dimes out of the carpet in the van to get me 24 minutes. I didn't know where the library even was from there, but the clock was ticking, so to speak.

I found it quickly, thank the gods, and proceeded to hop on a computer to look up my book.

The computer was locked.

The library assistant explained that I could go to the tech support desk across the room for a temporary password to unlock the computer and look up my book.


I explained that perhaps HE could look up the book for me and save me the step.


That's when he handed me over to a surly Southeast Asian librarian with a speech impediment. Just try to blend Elmer Fudd and a woman from Cambodia and you have some inkling of exactly what the hell I was trying to decipher.

I had the author's name and the first word of the title. Her reaction: "You should be ashamed."

(Holy crap, was she joking? She was hard to read, that's for sure. Librarian... hard to read... not even worth stretching that into the bad joke...)


She found it, and as I imagined the meter running steadily down she started my paperwork while I trotted up to the fifth floor.

Of course, I did a rushed, bad job on my parts of the paperwork, and she seemed a bit agitated.

Then she seemed to turn nice. Told me that if I needed to extend my time I should email her personally, and HERE'S my personal account and ah weel see thad you ged you booook chegged out agane.

(She... lightened up? Was coming on to me? Felt bad for chastising me? Had she been chastising me?)

The meter kept running.


I made it back with two minutes to spare, actually.


But in study group last night it became clear that vast chunks of stuff we needed to know weren't in the first edition I have. Crap crap crap.

I was studying with a sharp group though, and they may have saved my bacon. The test was hard, but I've got my fingers crossed that maybe I got a B. I know I passed. I'd hate to get a C.


Quick break after the test, then back in our seats at 6:50pm for two solid hours of dense, emotional lecture time.


They'd always said that at some point in this program everyone will get a nerve touched here and there. I'll spare you the details, but last night was my night. I personally do not intend to disclose much in class, but the prof picked up on how uncomfortable I was.


And man, after two hours of sitting there on numb buttocks I needed to go to the bathroom something awful.

Thing is, there was this GUY in there. Skinny young black man, and he just reeked of trouble. I took one look at him and decided the toilet could wait.

The campus is in a bad neighborhood, and I try to watch my butt whenever I'm there. Security is supposed to be tight, with school crime quite low, but we're near the edge of campus, so you never know who'll wander up.

Another student told me the guy had hit him up for change in there. Annoying, but probably harmless.


I waited outside with a couple students, chatting. Paranoid soul that I am, I put my wallet in my backpack. He came out, dabbing a paper towel at his elbow. One of the students whispered to me, "Has he been in a fight?"

I found his presence really bothersome. I glared at him. He milled around for a second, then walked off--towards the center of the campus.


Security came by, and we told them about him. They had seen him, and went back to confront him.


A few minutes later they returned, telling us that just off campus 6 or 7 black youths had jumped a guy for his wallet. Cops had been scrambled out, and arrests were made.

They seemed to think he was one of those assailants, and told us some disturbingly gung-ho tale (complete with F bombs) about how they'd just squared off with him in the street, and how one security guard wanted to fight him so badly he threatened to quit just to have the rules of his job no longer apply. Hoo boy.

The unwelcome guy left, probably out of sheer annoyance at the security yokels more than anything else.

We humored them a bit, thanked them for their time, then decided it was time to bail.


I came home just... sort of a raw nerve. It was great to see the kids (or THEBOY at least, since THEGIRL was in bed already).


And I crashed hard.


I'm hoping today's better. Yesterday wasn't awful, just... sort of like qualifying for the psychological Olympics.


Happy Wednesday, to you and to me.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Captain Geeky, at your service...

Kelli bought me these dorky reading glasses.

Yet another example of how she works behind the scenes to keep the ladies from diggin' me.

Captain America and the Enchantress

Took THEBOY to a martial arts school last night, a Kung Fu place. We had to get out to run an errand anyway. The first place we sought was gone. Boom. Website is still up and functional, but there’s not even a sign over the doorway at that address anymore.

But on the way home we spied this place and decided to stop in. It’s a genuine possibility at this point. Good facility, close to home, and the instructor we met was nice. They have a trial program we might give a shot.

Of course, I’ve just learned that there IS a place around here that’ll teach BJJ to kids his age. Gotta check them out too.


KM has no noon classes today because Sensei’s injured. Dang! Tonight I’ve got a counseling class (and a test), so I can’t attend open mat time either.


Been going through my short stack of old comics with THEBOY here and there. Some of them are quite dated, of course. I love this bit of dialogue from Captain America and the Falcon #189 (September, 1975):

(Falcon): “Samuel T. Wilson—WHAT have you gotten yourself into? That’s Captain America over there getting’ it on with that FOXY MAMA!”


Captain America and the Enchantress were just smoochin’.


Current music: “Hope There’s Someone” by Antony and the Johnsons


A brief exchange yesterday as Rick James blared in the study.

Kelli: “Am I a superfreak?”

Me: “Holy crap what’s the right answer to THAT?”


More coffee, and I’d better hit the books soon. Be good.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Algo Para la Gente Quien Habla Espanol

I've been checking stats, and I regularly get hits from Spanish-speaking countries. I think a lot of the martial arts stuff pulls them in.

I can't help those folks who speak Portuguese... that stuff sounds like Mandarin to me.

Pero si tu hablas espanol posiblemente yo puedo ayudar un poco. Yo no puedo decir todo lo que quiero, pero yo creo que yo puedo hacerlo mejor que Linda Ronstadt!



Sunday, June 11, 2006

Recapping the Trip

The following was written over the course of several days.


It’s been a good trip so far. Currently it’s Friday morning around 7:45, and I’ve been on the road since Wednesday.


I showed up at Whit’s school Wednesday afternoon and hung out while he wrapped up some class work and lessons.

His first remark upon seeing me: “Your legs have gotten more muscular.”

He’s just lucky my Epilady is jammed.


I got dressed for a workout and we started going over some of the stuff I’ve learned at KM up to this point. Did a little bag work, went over some combinations. I also demonstrated some defenses against strangleholds, headlocks, guns and knives. We compared a few techniques.

I did pretty much exactly as I’d expect a yellow belt to do: I showed quite clearly that I’ve been training for a few months, and have made some progress. I also showed that some things need work, and that I’ve got a lot to learn. Fine with me. I was certainly pleased at a few things that really just popped quite naturally out of me, like a stranglehold defense.

Then we put on pads and gloves to do some sparring.


It was cool! Whit set the timer and we squared off. This was the time to finally try to apply some of the things I’ve learned. I didn’t know zip about defending against kicks, hence the numerous blows to the ribs and the occasional shots to the skull I took. In KM I’ve made keeping my hands up a priority, and that at least worked out.

I had a bit of a reach advantage, so about the only offensive techniques that got me anywhere were some jabs to the face, front kicks, and some roundhouse kicks. Don’t get me wrong: This was completely dominated by Whit, as everyone would expect. But it was great to have a fleeting moment of success when I landed something.

I was also pleased at the techniques that, despite some sloppiness, popped right out without a thought. I got taken down on a Judo throw (o goshi), and in the blink of an eye I was trying to execute my one KM ground-based takedown. I didn’t succeed, but I’m simply pleased to have done it so naturally.

And heck, I could still bust out an o goshi. Gotta remember to combine everything in my toolbox. That’d be the “mixed” part of “mixed martial arts,” right?

By our third “round” I was more relaxed, trying to use some of the strategies we’ve been taught: Shoot in, shoot out mostly. I finally avoided a few kicks simply by being out of reach.

Anyway, for a guy who got soundly whupped while sparring, I’m still pleased with what I brought. It’s something to build on.

It amounted to a terrific private lesson I’ve since spent a lot of time reviewing in my head.


We went to Whit’s house to have some lunch and enjoy a little down time before his evening classes. We did some catching up, hung out with his son, talked MMA.


So as he taught his evening classes I hung out a bit, poked around a nearby Academy for a while. He’d invited me to participate in his beginners’ class, so I did.

The warm-ups were where the most intense exertion occurs. Medicine ball stuff… Whit, I’m still sore! I can’t claim I wasn’t gassed for a minute there, but that’s fine. In KM we exert ourselves similarly, though it’s spread out over the course of the class more. Different sides of the same coin.

Lo and behold he had me demonstrate a stranglehold defense. It’s easy and intuitive, and it was cool to see him build on that and teach the Kung Fu approach.

I worked out with a really nice guy named Carter. After he’d thrown me quite smoothly a few times, I looked at his belt and said, “Okay, you’re not just a white belt. You do this throw too well. You come from Aikido or Judo or something.”

Bingo. Aikido.

The class was terrific fun. After that I hung out while he taught advanced, then we all went out for a fine Tex Mex meal.

I crashed hard that night. I probably stopped making sense around 11pm. I had no idea I could speak Esperanto.


So good stuff, really good. I had great fun showing my small but expanding collection of “tools,” enjoyed sparring and class a lot, and liked being around Whit’s son. He’s a good, sweet kid, really a good spirit. We kept poor Christina up way too late—sorry sweetie! Good to see you, to see you all.


Dad’s first remark upon seeing me: “You’re too skinny.”

Once I got to Angleton, Dad and I hit the road for Lake Jackson to see a coin/valuables dealer who was in the area to make some buys. We waited a couple hours for this appraisal session, but I didn’t mind in the least. It was good to catch up, not be pressed for time.


After that we went to Clute for a watermelon. You know, Dad put in a Percy Sledge tape, wanting me to hear just how good the stuff that’s not “When a Man Loves a Woman” is. And he’s right. It’s fine old R&B. Good horns, good melodies, good singing…

We were just poking along, doing nothing awfully important, and I’ve gotta say that at that moment there was no place in the world I’d have rather been that riding in my Dad’s truck, listening to Percy Sledge and chatting about not much of anything.


We hit the Hasting’s after that, and I looked for some Sledge while there. Not much luck.


We had a fine dinner at Shanghai. I had a great bowl of pho. Dad and Charlene weren’t nearly so taken with their meals though.


We may do some fishing in a bit.


It’s Saturday evening now.

The conditions at Surfside were great for fishing. We took our time getting up and having breakfast, so we probably didn’t hit the surf until 11am. It was extremely smooth, almost to the point of being glassy out there. We geared up and waded out to the second sandbar.

We got a lot of hits over the course of a couple hours, but it was almost all baby sharks. I’ll bet we caught 20 of them. Scattered in a couple hardheads, some small whitings and one keeper-size trout that slipped out of Dad’s hands for an escape, but really it was almost all sharks.


After we cleaned up I crashed for a bit, then headed to Lake Jackson to see Amanda and her family. We had a good meal over at El Toro, then took off for Hasting’s to wander around. We loaded up on caffeine and sugar from the coffee shop there, so it was certainly worth the trip for me.


This morning I ran a bit late, but managed to wolf down some breakfast and get out the door just in time to see my nephew’s Tae Kwon Do class. It was a hoot! They kicked the bags, did calisthenics, did some flag exercises… They did a few things we even do in KM. It was a ball to watch.

After that I went into AIMLESS BB mode, poking around Academy and the mall for no good reason for quite a while. I’ve got a message in with Bruiser at the moment but haven’t heard back. I’d say there’s a good likelihood Dad and I will head over to the dog track in Texas City this evening.


Dad hit pretty well at the track. I ended up about $15 down, but we still had a fine time. Man, three semesters of stats classes and I've gotta say that nothing in the racing form looked like a clear indication of anything. I will say that betting longshots for big payoffs didn't do a thing for me.


Crashed hard after that, and got up and left this morning.

Not before swinging by the House of Sis to pick up a new jar of Biker Salsa. Hoo baby am I going to have m'self some omelettes with that! Thanks again, Amanda.


Back home now, and I'm glad. It was a very good trip, but I'm glad to be home.

Have a good week, everyone.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where's BB?

I'm in Angleton, rapidly approaching bedtime on the final night of my stay here.

It's been a good trip. I've got a long post that'll go up probably late Sunday or Monday. I've really had a good trip, from hanging with Whit to wade fishing with Dad.

Take care. Enough blogulation to choke a water buffalo coming soon.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Stuff of Nightmares

Wow. So last night's episode of Intervention was about Chuckie Negron, son of 3 Dog Night singer Chuck Negron. I wrote about him some time back, about what a heartbreaker that episode was.

Lo and behold it earned 29 hits on the blog today. Interesting.


Good day here I'd say. Early this morning I turned in a job application.

Kelli got her hair done (cute!) by the one and only Heather, then I went to campus to take care of some administrative stuff.


Yesterday I watched a woman in Academy doing something suspicious. She was really doing SOMETHING to a price tag on a boys' baseball jersey. It wasn't until she walked off and I saw a price tag where she'd been standing that I realized she'd probably altered the price.

I wish I'd realized it sooner and turned her butt in.


KM went pretty well tonight. We worked on some kick combinations, then some knife disarms. Those are the stuff of nightmares in some ways, because no matter how good you get, you know you're going to get injured.

And as he does sometimes, Sensei took a moment to demonstrate a Hagana knife disarm.

I don't know whether I can really put a finger on the difference between Krav Maga and Hagana at this point. I'm inclined to believe that Hagana is even more vicious (and that's saying a lot). I also tend to think it's got a slightly more... military bent I guess. I mean, I seem to recall that it includes grenade disarms and such.

So I get called forward to play the bad guy. I swing the practice knife, and Sensei pulls some slick maneuver that actually finds me HANGING several inches off the ground in his grip. He swings me to the right, uses a foot to swing my legs horizontal and... let's me swing back into a vertical position before putting me down. He explains that the idea is to dump your attacker on his head, and that he's not likely to get up.

I inclined to agree.


Tomorrow THEBOY, the poor little guy, has to get THREE vaccination shots tomorrow. He's ready to get it done.


Ya'll have a good one.

This Just in: BB Signs Deal with Satan

Yeah yeah yeah... I've put up a Myspace site.

I get asked all the flippin' time whether I'm going to. So... boom, here you go:

It'll probably sit as dormant as my doggone baseball blog.


Good day here, but man, I slept until nearly 11am! Wow. BB was plumb tuckered out.


Had a really good farewell lunch with some buddies from the TxWes counseling program today. Sarah Beth's moving to Chicago... I'd say lunch went about perfectly, save for the part where I danced the lambada on the table.

Wait... that didn't really happen. Must've been one of those freaky dreams I keep having.

SB is a sweetheart though, someone we'll all miss.


Speaking of dreams: I dreamed last night that I was flying in a mall somewhere, and every time I passed over someone I yelled "booger!" at them and laughed like crazy.


THEBOY and THEGIRL had a good time playing in the sprinkler this evening. That boy though... he can shriek like no one's business. It had been a while since we'd had a taste of the full destructive power of his voice... I've never heard a louder human.

In the early days of my frazzled parenthood I fully expected to meet kindred souls, to encounter other families who had a kid with such bullhorn voice, that kind of instrument that can shred your defenses and make you chuck logic out the window.

Never happened. Not once.


As a toddler he once pitched a fit so loud that neighbors called the cops on us. Folks, we live in a HOUSE, not an apartment. From some other house in the neighborhood (I suspect the people behind us) the sound was so insanely loud that 911 got called.

Kelli was rather upset about it. And I can understand why: Somewhere in some record-keeping system/databank is mention of police having had to come here because someone suspected something awful was happening to one of our kids.

Nope... 'twas just the unearthly rage of a toddler with equally terrifying pipes.


Dang it's late... I'd better give this up. Ya'll be good.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Editorial on Heroin Addiction

Interesting stuff from the WSJ.


Good day here, all things considered. I got up earlier than I wanted, but it gave me time to read the paper, try this bitchin' new omelette technique.


Today was the first day of ethics class. Our professor wasn't there, so he sent in a pinch-teacher. It was a rather short class.


Krav Maga went well. We worked on ducking and weaving, basic boxing techniques. I did okay. Couple mental lapses flubbed me up, but it started to come to me.


I thought the Rangers would pull it out against the White Sox tonight, dang it. Lots of guys left on base, plenty of rally opportunities, but no dice.

It does look like the Mavericks will pull out a come-from-behind win though. Good for them.


Survey time. Thanks to Nadine for posting a good time-killer.


1)How old do you wish you were?
Eh, 37 is fine, though I do wish I'd started grad school and martial arts about a decade ago. But I don't regret much.

2) Where were you when 9/11 happened?
Asleep in my bed. I worked a late shift at Yahoo and wasn't awake yet.

3) What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
Go hungry.

4) Do you consider yourself kind?

5) If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
It is highly unlikely that I will ever get a tattoo.

6) If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?

7) Do you know your neighbors?
Yeah, though one is selling his house. Nice folks around here though, all up and down the street. Except for the big muscle man who gave my kid candy while standing in the doorway in his underwear one Halloween... we don't trick or treat there anymore.

8)What do you consider a vacation?
Is this a trick question? Traveling somewhere and doing something interesting.

9) Do you follow your horoscope?

10) Would you move for the person you loved?
Of course

11) Are you touchy feely?
Heh heh... I'm hot and cold on this. One the one hand, I do like to demonstrate affection and comfort with someone with a passing touch. It's a habit I've fallen into over the years. On the other, man, if I don't want to be touched I positively bristle at the notion. Perhaps they need to up my meds.

12) Do you believe that opposites attract?
It's an interesting bit of folk wisdom, but really it doesn't hold much water. Folks who end up together tend to share values and interests.

13) Dream job?
Nacho taste tester

14) Favorite channel(s)?
No real favorite. I have great respect for PBS, ESPN ends up on a lot, Spike has its moments...

15) Favorite place to go on weekends?
I must admit, it's currently Krav Maga. I'm loving it.

16) Showers or Baths?
A shower is all about getting clean promptly. A bath is more for relaxation. So... depends.

17) Do you paint your nails?
I'm a guy. I believe in keeping my stuff trimmed though, especially now that I'm in martial arts.

18) Do you trust people easily?

19) What are your phobias?
A phobia is an unreasonable fear of something, I believe. I don't seem to have any. A live snake startles me something awful every time I see one, but that doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

20) Do you want kids?
I have kids. Wait... do I want MORE? No. Or... are you offering a trade? Where can I send them both to get a front of the rotation starter or a big bat?

21) Do you keep a handwritten journal?
I have a couple from when I was a teenager around. The earliest stuff was written in some crazy code I can't really interpret anymore. "Fabulous flies today..." What does that MEAN?

22) Where would you rather be right now?
Eh, sitting in this recliner isn't so bad that I'm desperate to be somewhere else.

23) Who makes you feel warm and fuzzy?
My kids

24) Heavy or light sleeper?
I really don't know. I guess not light.

25) Are you paranoid?
No, but paranoia and I go way back anyway... I've encountered some paranoid folks for sure.

26) Are you impatient?
I'm not bad about it.

27) Who can you relate to?

28) How do you feel about interracial couples?
Any two people who fall in love and have a good relationship, man, more power to you.

29) Have you been burned by love?

30) What's your favorite pick-up line?
You're kidding, right?

31) What’s your main ringtone on your mobile?
Some generic tune with a funky beat and lots of octaves.

32) What were you doing at midnight last night?
Surfing, wasting time

33) What did the last text on your cellphone say?
"Went to Target with the girl. How r u?"

34) Whose bed did you sleep in last night?

35) What color shirt are you wearing?

36) Most recent movie you watched?
The third X-Men movie, though we watched a chunk of Gandhi in ethics class today.

37) Name three things you have on you at all times?
At all times? No guarantees. When I leave the house I typically have my wallet, cell phone and hand cleanser on me though.

38.) What color are your bed sheets?
Jeez, I don't know, and I'm not walking over there to find out. Let's just go with "ultraviolet."

39) How much cash do you have on you right now?

40) What is your favorite part of the chicken?
I don't have one.

41) What’s your favorite town/city?
Madrid was pretty bitchin'

42) I can’t wait till?
Angleton trip, getting a meaningful job (I swear I'm close), getting my MS degree, getting better at KM...

43) What did you have for dinner last night?
The al pastor plate at Mi Pueblo

44) How tall are you barefoot?

45) Have you ever smoked crack?

46) Do you own a gun?

47) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Orange tangerine, maybe water, and I usually get some coffee in me prior to lunch too.

48) What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Now that's an interesting assumption. Turns out I don't have one of those. Seems that if my wife ever cut me loose I'd probably end up living in tool shed, writing a political manifesto and slowly forgetting what it's like to feel the touch of a woman.

49) Do you have A.D.D.?

50) What time did you wake up today?
6:47 a.m.

51) Current worry?
I've got a financial aid snafu going on that's taking longer to resolve than I'd like. And of course, I'd like to have a job relatively soon.

52) Current hate?

53) Favorite place to be?
It's currently this recliner.

54) Where would you like to travel?
I still want to see Camden Yards in Baltimore. I'd like to get back to the UK again. I'd like to see Ireland too, and you know, Greece has always interested me.

55) Where do you think you’ll be in 10 yrs?
Working in an agency of some sort, helping addicts.

56) Last thing you ate?
Pasta with artichokes, spinach, tomatoes and zucchini. Yum.

57) What songs do you sing in the shower?
"Just a Friend" by Biz Markie.

58) Last thing that made you laugh?

59) Worst injury you’ve ever had?
I've had some back injuries that knocked me for a loop, but really I'd say slicing my head open when I was about 8 was pretty traumatic. Nothing like making a drive to the ER while wondering if your brain's going to slide out of that gaping hole.

60) Does someone have a crush on you?
Eh? No

61) What’s your favorite candy?
I rarely eat candy.

62) What song do you want played at your funeral?
I don't know, which is a certain indication that I'm not going to die anytime soon, right? Maybe I'll go with "Just a Friend"

Friday, June 02, 2006


It’s late Friday afternoon.

It’s been a pretty good day here, a nice blend of getting’ stuff done and taking it easy. I’ve found another job listing with MHMR that really appeals to me. I’m getting pretty good at their application now, and I’ve put together my stuff to turn in Monday morning.


Current music that’s rockin’ my world:

Lowrider, Ode to Io. Big fuzz, and riffs that’d make a pachyderm tremble.

Candi Staton (s/t). How in the WORLD has she not become huge at some point?

Ty Tabor, Moonflower Lane. King’s X may be on the ropes, but I imagine Ty can put together a good solo career based on what he’s already accomplished. Good tunes, good melodies.

Wolfmother, s/t. White Stripes meet Led Zeppelin--RAAAAAWK!

Not so much:

Massive Attack. I dunno… cool sounds I guess, but I can’t help but think that Kelli and I could whip out something like this with a sequencer and a 4-track in about an afternoon, you know?

The jury is still out on:

The Lobi Traore Group. I imagine this’ll captivate me at some point. I’m eager for more straight-up African stuff. Just got to spin it more.


God help me, I’m going to the super-intensive Friday kickboxing/Krav Maga drills class in a bit.


Ya’ll have a good evening.


UPDATE: This post didn't appear in a timely manner for some reason. Anyway, the kickboxing class was GREAT. Ah, I was good and strong, endurance was terrific, form was good... that was my best crack yet at a very hard class. I'm very pleased.

And now I'm full of Tex Mex. Happy happy happy.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Everybody Was Krav Maga Fighting

Random fact: After Krav Maga one night I accidentally cleaned my cup with Lysol Basin, Tub and Tile Cleaner.

(I can hear Whit laughing already...)


Pretty good day here I suppose. I had a job interview this morning. I didn't feel sharp, didn't really bring my "A" game, I'm afraid, but they seemed to like me anyway. I was there quite a long time.


Kelli's learned a new "headlock" defense in Krav Maga. She's demonstrated it on me twice now, and each time I thought she'd snap my dang nose... tap tap tap...


This week I'm attending more kickboxing than Krav Maga. It's just how the schedule's worked out for us, and that's fine. After the lame class I had last night, I was pretty pleased to go in tonight and do much better. The combinations flowed, Sensei had a couple compliments for me, I worked hard... good stuff.

Tomorrow night is the killer cardio krav/kickboxing class I've been attending. I imagine I'll go.


So it finally happened: THEBOY had a little scrap with some kid at school.

The story, as we understand it:

The kid (who is 6 or 7 we're told) was fooling around, and kicked a seated THEBOY in the back of the head twice "accidentally."

THEBOY stood up to protest, and the kid got in his face.

THEBOY has never cared for that crap.

So he hit the kid in the throat with a forearm. Bullseye. "I'm telling!" the kid said.

One timeout for THEBOY.


It's a funny line to walk, you know? How do you instill into a child so young the idea that it's okay to defend oneself, but really it's best to avoid a fight if at all possible? This is one that's going to take time to convey I suppose.

It's another reason I'd like to get him into a good martial arts program, someplace with instructors who emphasize how important it is to rely on confidence and skill to AVOID a fight.


What THEBOY did was kind of borderline I'd say. We told him he is not in trouble for it as far as we're concerned. I don't intend to give him license to start throwing forearms and elbows. But he was hurt, and when he protested to this kid the result was a threatening behavior. I think THEBOY thought they were already fighting at that point. Maybe.

I'll be mulling this one over for a while.


Headed to the Houston/Angleton area next week. I do believe that Whit, with his years upon years of martial arts training, wants to "spar" with me, a yellow belt in Krav Maga.

This ought to be amusing.


Ya'll take care.