Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strange BB and Magic Numbers

Yesterday a client told me I look like Dr. Strange. What do you think?



Big things going on here. Good things. You'll see.


Happy Sunday

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maestro Jeff Beck

A gorgeous song from a true electric guitar master.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

BB b 42

I turned 42 on Sunday.

Renee' and the kids and I had a really nice lunch at Red Robin to celebrate. A BIG thank you to Amanda for the gift certificate!


Did you know that Patsy Cline wore genuine chupacabra fur? Yep. She sang to them to lull them into cooperation as she shaved them. It's true. You could look it up.


Renee' treated me like an absolute king on my birthday. She hosted a small birthday dinner and invited a few friends. We had surf and turf, apple pie... wow. And she gave me nice cookware, as well as a subscription to Guitar Player. I'm excited! It was one terrific day. I really appreciate all that everyone has done for me, both for my birthday and otherwise.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010

This is the "yeah Dad, uh, it's really time for you to leave now" look.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Night Jibber Jabber

Church every Sunday, introspection, prayer, meditation, study, counseling (as therapist and client), grad school, and a lifetime of conversations with the gaggle of brilliant folks whom I am privileged to know... and the more answers I get, the more questions I have.


We've been decorating in the kids' room. We put up some cork boards, and we painted this evening. Like the color?


Tonight I was singing "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young, and THEGIRL kept interrupting me to improvise her own lyrics. It was quite cute.


I believe in love.

I had lunch with a friend who is 80+ years a couple months back. He was giddy over the fact that he was about to have a lunch date. At his age, the prospect of love still lights him up.


Sometimes I do have to swat the memories away like flies.


Tomorrow is the first day of school for my children. Their lunches are packed, their clothes are picked out... I hope it's a terrific year for them.


Black cherry... nice.


Good night.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Racing Thoughts

I'm really not sure what to make of this, but something has become abundantly clear to me lately: If you're lowest socio-economic status (aka desperately poor), socialism is your way of life. I know that the term socialism refers to more than just allocation of resources, but I can't help but think of that life as a socialist existence. Charities, non-profits and the like exist to ensure that resources are available for those who cannot otherwise provide for themselves. And of course, the community in that SES tends to band together and help one another.


Watching Spider-Man with the kids. It's about time we had a superhero movie marathon here. Though we're only going to have time for a couple.


Been on a Joe Ely kick today. First time in years. I learned "Me and Billy the Kid" and "If You Were a Bluebird."


I know lots of folks who could really stand a break right now. Well, more than a break. A ... victory. A win. Something in the "win" column. I'm one of them.


John Legend
... Tuesday... Austin... can't wait!

If you haven't heard him, click that link and check him out. Really.


Making brownies with THEGIRL at the moment. That is, I mixed up all the stuff, and she's licking the bowl.


Good night. Be excellent to each other.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramblings of a Dude in a Recliner

Avocados taste great with soy sauce. This is proof that God:

A. Has a sense of humor
B. Intends for us to eat fusion cuisine
C. Forgot to put avocado trees in Asia
D. Expected the Mayans to invent soy sauce


Print hanging in the men's room in a local office building.

"The Bordello."

I mean... really? Really?


Yeah, so I took a big box of stuff to Goodwill to donate yesterday. And that was fine until this morning when I realized that the bag with the kids' new school clothes was actually in that box too.

Four trips to Goodwill and lots of schmoozing this morning resulted in most of the clothes being found and returned. Yahoo!


Giant grasshoppers invade Hurst!

Run for your lives!


Heading to Austin with Renee' next week to catch John Legend on Austin City Limits. I'm really looking forward to it!


I love sushi, and decided to make my own recently.

It turned out pretty well. Rolling it is a bit tricky. And I learned one quick lesson: Get the nori at a genuine Asian Market (20 sheets/$2.99) instead of someplace like Market Street (7 sheets/$5.99).


So we realized today that the baseball the kids and I were playing with has something written on it: "Luis Tiant, July 19, 1974."

With a little research, we learned that on that date, Tiant pitched a game for the visiting Red Sox against the Texas Rangers. He pitched a complete game, giving up 8 hits and one earned run. The Rangers lost 3-1. If I recall, Wolfboy's grandfather caught that ball as a foul that day in old Arlington Stadium.



The kids are watching Furry Vengeance and howling and squealing with laughter.


Juke refuses to die.


Y'all take care.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Last weekend after Renee' and I picked the kids up from their grandparents' in Corsicana, we stopped at a Waffle House. Wolfboy leaned over the jukebox and asked if we could hear "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye.

No idea where that came from.


Apparently God is angry at me, as a biblical plague of crickets has descended upon my apartment. I've probably killed a couple hundred in the last couple weeks. It's maddening. The apartment complex says they'll spray.


There's another plague around here: Shirtless, hotrod truck driving young men who peel out in the parking lot. They're @#$%ing me off. The 6:25 squeal this morning was probably the worst yet.


Going to Texarkana with Renee' to see her mom for a few days this week. Never been, but I'm looking forward to it.


So Anderson Silva had to put up a real fight last night. A little back story for those who might not be familiar with him:

He's often hailed as "pound for pound the best fighter in the world." Given his amazing record (27-4 I think), perhaps that's the case. And he's certainly gone through some really tough guys like a hot knife through butter.

Yet for several fights now he's stopped acting like a fighter, instead choosing to... well, dance. Yeah. And clown. He evades the other fighters, engaging only here and there. He's frustrated a lot of people besides myself, including UFC president Dana White.

So trash-talking Chael Sonnen swore he'd take the fight to Silva. And lo and behold, he DID. Silva got seriously whupped for just about five rounds. Unfortunately, Sonnen got caught in a triangle choke just seconds before the final bell, when he would have won a clear decision.

I'm just glad that Silva was forced to behave like an actual fighter.


Made some chicken tortilla soup tonight. It was quite tasty.


Y'all take care.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sonnet I

The sun runs through my veins, and your arms cradle me;
Your fingertips caress my skin, gently tracing works of art;
Our eyes are mirror images, reflecting the world endlessly;
I breathe in the scent of you, and it lights a fire in my heart.
Just as nature intended, and like millions gone before,
We've fallen in the deep end; body, mind and soul.
Unlike those millions however, it's you alone I adore;
We're two halves that make a complete whole.
You ruffle my hair, and I scrunch my face tight;
A grin breaches my front, and we collapse in laughter,
A giggling pair, two of a kind, and a sweet sight;
We toast with a kiss, hopeful for happy ever after.
Ups and downs will always come our way,
But how could I do anything but stay?

(by Megan Dwinell, Renee's daughter)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010


Long ago I used to hear people say that they wouldn't change a thing about the past, because it made them who they are.

I used to take a rather contrary stance on that. I believed that there are many routes to get to where one is, and that through the minefield isn't a route to appreciate.

I think I get it now though.

I think that we are the sum of our experiences. I am what I am today--and I say this believing that I'm in my best emotional state ever--specifically because of some of what I experienced. I could not have this perspective, this openness, this capacity to understand, this willingness to forgive myself and to let love in, without all that came before.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


The kids are asleep in their beds upstairs, and I'm enjoying the quiet. Well, I've got some live Earth, Wind, & Fire going.


Things are really looking up at the moment. The job situation just took a turn for the better, let me tell you. I'm technically working at four places. The rundown:

The Brain Institute has hired me to work Mon/Tues/Wed. It's a beautiful office with a terrific staff.

Mindful Directions is my other primary gig. I've been slowly building a client base there, and look forward growing with them.

Hurst Christian Church, where I have been staff counselor since 2008. They've been terrific to me. I just started accepting Medicaid there.

The Depression Connection Team, for whom I run two weekly depression/bipolar support groups. They've been just terrific to me.

It keeps a boy busy!


Tonight the kids and I sat out on the balcony and ate our treats in the cool evening air. THEGIRL and I had mint chocolate chip ice cream, and Wolfboy had marshmallows.


This weekend I'm going to take a crack at making tortilla soup.


I have the world's greatest girlfriend. Wow. Seriously. Wow.


Been digging John Legend lately. The guy could really become this era's Marvin Gaye.


Turning in soon. Good night.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

At 2:09 a.m.

Yeah, it's late.

It's been one terrific day. So many good things happened today.

What's a boy supposed to do when his dreams come true?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm here, I'm alive. Lots going on.

I don't feel like getting into it right now.

Expect good things. Will update soon. Maybe.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

The little black box has opened

This is to be touched by the divine.

This is the place of silence, the place where words fail.

This is where doubts go to die.

This is how the dream becomes the inevitable.

This is the Bodhi tree.

This is victorious surrender.

This is ...

This is yes.

Mr. Sleepy Checks In

I spent a little time today going over old posts, and you know, I really put a lot of time and thought into some of them.

I don't know if those days will come back. I don't know if I'll feel that old compulsion, that need to put thoughts into words. Not to that extent at least.

But I hope I never lose it altogether.


Been listening to John Legend today. This guy is really flippin' good. I got his Evolver yesterday (thanks Ken). He's got a real talent for R&B, and though he's clearly well-versed in the old school approach, he updates the sound nicely with modern rhythms and production.


The spiritual quest never ends. It just never does. I suppose I'll never stop seeking answers.


Kelli, my ex-wife, graduated with her Master's degree from SMU today. I need to ask her specifically, but I believe it's in ancient history. She worked hard for years on her studies and her thesis, and I have all confidence that she is truly an expert in her field now. Congratulations, Kelli Dee.


The Rangers have lost a couple of ugly games to the Jays. But hey, bad baseball beats no baseball.


I was lost in a moment tonight.

And then it happened again.

And again.

Don't dare pinch me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was born on August 29, 1968. To some people, that would seem like a long time ago. To others, not so much. I feel different ways on different days.

I wish I could see some sort of a graphic of my life. Maybe a map or a globe. Something showing a line of where I've gone in my almost 42 years. Zipping around Texas, occasionally across the nation or even the globe.


THEGIRL found a packet of herb seeds a couple weeks ago. We made a little row in the dirt outside my apartment and planted them. We're slowly starting to see little plants emerge. I hope they're herbs, but they could turn out to be weeds.

So the lovely Miss Renee' gave her a few more seed packets: cucumbers, and three types of squash.

We borrowed ex-wife's hoe, raked out as many rocks as we could, and made a stab at creating a little garden. I mixed in a little potting soil, but I really don't know if we'll end up with any veggies out of this. It'll be fun trying though.


I had a whim to watch the trains go by yesterday. I dropped off the kids and headed over to the Hurst Bell train stop, where I spent so many mornings awaiting my ride to my job for Belo. Five years after I left that place, the line takes me back to that train stop.

I really didn't know what led me there. Still don't. But I figured I'd sit on a bench and watch one or two trains come and go.

I arrived between trains, with none due any time soon as far as I could tell. It was a cool, comfortable morning though, so I didn't mind sitting there, doing a bunch of nothing.

Suddenly I caught a glimpse of that telltale light. A train was coming. That stop is right next to a railroad crossing, and soon the arms came down and the bells rang.

And--ZOOM! The train blew through there at maybe 60 miles per hour, not even slowing down. The wind gust nearly blew my ball cap off, and I just had to laugh.

I left.


I watched the movie High Fidelity again for the first time in quite a while. Many people who saw that back in the day commented on how much Rob, the main character, is like me. I believed it.

Watching it again, though, I was struck differently. I was once like that, but I'm not anymore. There's an undercurrent of anger and doubt in that character which I no longer have.

It still made me howl with laughter here and there.


Racing thoughts plague some people while they're trying to sleep. I've certainly dealt with them myself. I used to try to draw an infinity sign in my head over and over to combat this, and it helped.

Racing thoughts seem to be sort of scattershot to me, even if they're connected. It's like trying to sleep during a fireworks show. I think too many parts of the brain are being lit up to relax and ease into slumber. I decided to create an exercise that is focused and linear.

The infinity sign seemed too simple, frankly. People come to a counselor with pretty lofty expectations, and a short answer to a nagging problem isn't received so well.

("Stop it! That'll be five dollars...")

So, I tell them to imagine that the pharaoh has died, and that they've been tasked to wrap the mummy. Using one piece of gauze, they are to imagine how they'd wrap the mummy, head to toe. And once they're done, they realized they've omitted something, so they have to unwrap him, following the same route. And so on.

Some come back to me saying this was a big help, and some politely tell me I'm nuts.


I draw fewer lines in the sand these days, but they're deeper.


Y'all take care.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Daily Meditation for May 4


A river new--
Ancient words unneeded.
See, touch, rushing beauty,
Drink crystal flow.

When we stand on the banks of a river, we must realize that it is constantly new. Although we might say that it was running long before we were born, its exact configuration--the particular currents, the way it flows around rocks, the shape of its banks, the paths of fish in its depths--is subtly unique at any given moment. To know the river, we only need to experience it directly: to touch it, to swim it, to contemplate it, to drink it. The same is true of Tao.

Tao is ever flowing. Although it was present since the beginning of time and though many have experienced it, it is here for us to explore today. Touch it. Swim it. Contemplate it. Drink it. If you have touched Tao, you should harbor no doubt about it, nor should you wonder that you need scripture to confirm it.

[From 365 Tao Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao]

Friday, April 30, 2010

Scattered Moments

A young man in Hurst held a cardboard sign at 8am today as I headed out for supervision.

It read:

"Ninjas killed my family. Need money for vengeance."


My daughter was my little shadow this evening. She played on the front steps as I strummed my guitar. We played little games too, and she lectured me frequently.

She started going on about Ghostbusters, explaining that it's sort of scary, but sort of funny.

"It kind of freaks me out," she said sternly.


Later on, she started writing out random musical notes on blank pieces of paper. Eighth notes and sixteenth notes.

She asked me to play them so she'd know what they sounded like.

I busted out "Stairway to Heaven," and let me tell you, she was mighty pleased with her composition.


You know, I am one very happy man these days.

Y'all have a good weekend.

The Office Redux

Take a look and see what all the rearranging and decorating have produced.

I like this place better than I like my apartment!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nude Dragons

I recommend that you Soundgarden fans roll this while reading. The band sounds good! I'm pretty excited about their return.

Rock rock rock!


Terrific day here. I worked all day on getting the counseling office at the church rearranged and decorated. Much of the day was spent moving furniture around. I'm kind of hardheaded (don't gasp) in that I pretty much feel that I can move furniture of any size unassisted.

Lo and behold, I was right.

So after the furniture was arranged more suitably, the lovely Renee joined me to decorate the place and make it more comfortable in general. Pillows, art, candles and tweaks to the setup really made an immeasurable difference in the appearance of that office. I must say that I'm quite pleased and excited about that office now. I still need at least one more lamp.


My work at Mindful Directions in Grapevine continues to go well. I run a social anxiety group there on Wednesday evenings. It looks like one or two individual clients are also about to materialize for me.


The plan, then, looks something like this:

I'll work some at Mindful Directions and some at the church. I've applied to be a Medicaid provider, and if I get that, I am hopeful that this will mean a steady source of referrals.


I should write about the whole Louisiana experience perhaps, though I must admit that it kind of gets stuck when I try to.

I think my favorite moment from the whole thing was my great aunt Beverly's rendition of "Amazing Grace" at the funeral. She sang the first verse in that beautiful voice of hers, and then announced, "Well, that's all I know. I hope that's good enough."

And she had a seat.


My second favorite moment, though, was probably at the car rental place. There'd been some sort of computer hiccup regarding my reservation, and it took forever for them to straighten it out.

I chose my car, put my suitcase in it, and climbed into Amanda and Eddie's car with them to call Shirley and straighten out our plans.

When we were done, I headed to my car only to find a big strappin' dude in sunglasses and his female companion putting bags in my car.

"Hey, my bag was in that car," I said.

"It don't matter," he said to me as he continued to load his bags.

With mixture of bemusement, astonishment, and a pinch of "what the French, toast?!?" I asked him, "Whoa... you're going to TAKE my CAR??"

That stopped him in his tracks. He explained that he thought I'd already returned the car, and that I'd mistakenly left my bag in it.

We got it straightened out and headed to Pontchatoula.


Our meal at Middendorf's was mighty good, I must say. I love those meals where you feel like they just dumped everything in the cast net into the Fry Daddy.


Did I mention that I'm pretty pumped about how the office looks?


Some songs I've been playing on my guitar lately:

"Me and Billy the Kid," by Joe Ely. Man, it's hard to strum that one correctly while singing it. I have to resist the urge to turn it into a polka.

"If You Were a Bluebird," also by Joe Ely. Gorgeous little song, and I figure I don't sing it any worse than Butch Hancock.

"Hey There Delilah," by the Plain White Ts. The kids asked me to learn this one tonight. It's easy, and they sing along. I've always liked this little song, though again, I have to resist the urge to make it a polka.


So can anyone tell me what guitar Kim Thayil is playing in that video? Looks like a Gibson SG, but I could swear the headstock reads "Guild."


I may sell my Jimmie Vaughan Strat soon. If you know anyone's who's interested give me a holler. It's got great action, and it has always intonated very well.


The kids and I had a terrific meal with Miss Renee tonight at Miguelito's in Hurst. Thank you, Renee!


I've been messing around with mole (the Mexican sauce) lately. I made some really good chicken mole a few days ago. Yesterday I made perhaps the world's first boca mole sandwich. I'm fond of those meatless "Boca" brand patties. It tasted pretty good.

"Boca" happens to be Spanish for "mouth," by the way, and that's exactly where I put my boca mole sandwich.


BB's current therapy: "technologic" by Daft Punk.


I should hit the sheets. G'night.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My iPod Mix for Puttering at the Church

Heading to the church to move some furniture, test some audio gear, etc. And these are the tunes that will accompany me today. Yes, I'm this much of a dork.


Love And Happiness 5:04 Al Green

Paradise 4:16 Alejandro Escovedo

Ballad Of The Sun & The Moon 4:32 Alejandro Escovedo

Grind 4:46 Alice In Chains

Again 4:05 Alice In Chains

I Stay Away 4:14 Alice In Chains

It's Not My Cross To Bear 4:57 The Allman Brothers Band

Dreams 7:15 The Allman Brothers Band

Do Me Right 3:18 Asie Payton

Kiss The Sun 3:55 The Atomic Bitchwax

Set It Off (Live BBC Radio 1 Session) 4:00 Audioslave

Here Comes The Sun 3:06 The Beatles

Golden Slumbers 1:32 The Beatles

Dear Prudence 3:57 The Beatles

Blackbird 2:18 The Beatles

Across the Universe 3:49 The Beatles

Love You To 3:01 The Beatles

And Your Bird Can Sing 2:02 The Beatles

It's Too Late 4:04 Bob Mould

Stop Your Crying 4:32 Bob Mould

Sacrifice/Let There Be Peace 5:34 Bob Mould

Paralyzed 3:55 Bob Mould

Don't Hold Back 3:15 The Chemical Brothers

Lágrimas Negras 7:12 Conjunto Céspedes

Crystal Method - Sidewinder 4:53

technologic 4:44 Daft Punk

Learn to Fly 3:55 Foo Fighters

Midnight Rider 4:27 Gregg Allman

Killing Floor (1964 Single Version) 2:51 Howlin' Wolf

Classic Girl 5:08 Jane's Addiction

Cause We Ve Ended As Lovers 5:17 Jeff Beck

Contrabando Y Traicion 2:41 Los Cuatitos Cantu

Sexual Healing 3:59 Marvin Gaye

I Am Ahab 2:46 Mastodon

California Blues (Blue Yodel # 4) 2:50 Merle Haggard

My Own Kind Of Hat 2:55 Merle Haggard

Beautiful 3:10 Moby

Flower 3:26 Moby

I Love To Move In Here 4:45 Moby

Porcelain 4:01 Moby

We Are All Made Of Stars 3:17 Moby

In This World 4:03 Moby

In My Heart 4:37 Moby

Bittersweet Symphony (Remix) 3:26 Moby

Moby - Go (best remix) 4:24 Moby

Natural Blues 4:13 Moby

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad 4:25 Moby

Rainforest Mix (Techno Rave) 3:57 Moby

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad 6:42 Moby

Moby & Enya - Sail Away (Trance Remix) 4:01

Moby & Gwen Steffani - South Side 3:50

A Change Is Gonna Come 3:41 Neville Brothers

Slit Skirts 5:02 Pete Townshend

Open Car 3:47 Porcupine Tree

Your Unpleasant Family 1:48 Porcupine Tree

Time Flies 11:41 Porcupine Tree

I Drive the Hearse 6:45 Porcupine Tree

Even Less 7:12 Porcupine Tree

Black Mattie 2:06 R.L. Burnside

The Picture 3:29 Son Volt

Searching With My Good Eye Closed

Good Morning 2:34 The Streetwalkin' Cheetas

March Of The Lor 4:41 The Sword

Ain't Leavin' Your Love 2:52 Townes Van Zandt

Woman 2:56 Wolfmother

Your Dictionary 3:15 XTC

Senses Working Overtime 4:35 XTC

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wild Bunch

(Left to right... more or less... Roger, Steven, Gwen, Eddie, Amanda, Beverly, BB, Stephanie, Shirley, Rob, and Gene. Taken Saturday before the funeral)


I have a lot to say, a lot on my mind.

It seems stuck though.

It'll come. I hope.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

From Louisiana

I'm in Ponchatoula for my grandmother's funeral. She passed away peacefully in her sleep last week.

It's been a good trip. Headed home tonight.

Y'all take care.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Sometimes I can barely hear it whispering, and sometimes it sings to me ever so sweetly.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time Flies

It's been a good week so far for yours truly.

If you know me at all, you probably know that I'm darn near obsessive about the British band Porcupine Tree.

I've wanted to see them for years. They came through a few years back when I was in grad school, but I think it was in October sometime, and mid-terms made it impossible for me to go.

So when they announced a Dallas date on their current tour for the brilliant The Incident, I simply had to go. I asked around, and soon a PT posse of Toland, Leigh, and Bond assembled.

We had a fine little dinner gathering here at the Ponderosa beforehand. Along with the aforementioned PT posse, Renee' came, as well as her daughter Megan and her boyfriend Josh. We whipped up some pasta, played some guitar, and generally had a loose, relaxed time.

(Thank you again, everyone, for sharing a meal and hanging out).


The four of us made it to the House of Blues in time to catch most of Bigelf, a thudding quartet built around Mellotron, Orange amps, and... beards. Really though, I kinda dug 'em, even if I did keep expecting them to bust out with "Highway Star."


Porcupine Tree took the stage shortly after a voice on the PA warned us that no photographs were allowed.

Steven Wilson et al did The Incident just about in its entirety. I personally love that CD, and the band's obvious dedication to putting on a good show made it pretty electrifying.

The second half of the show was devoted to material from the rest of their catalog. Honestly, this is a band that could probably play for four hours and still not satisfy every fan. They've been around for a lot of years, and have put out a lot of good songs, many of which are rather long. I enjoyed hearing "Way Out of Here," "Sentimental," "Lazarus," "The Sound of Muzak," and of course, "Trains." I wish they would have played "Open Car" or especially "Arriving Somewhere," but man, it's hard to complain about a show as good as that one.

And you know, the band seemed to really enjoy themselves. They've been touring for quite some time now, yet were cutting up onstage with little magic tricks. Wilson also mentioned that their short set at Coachella had left them "constipated," so they were glad to be able to have some musical release.

(Oh you knew I'd take some pics, didn't you?)


It was great to catch up with Michael and Leigh yesterday, swapping songs and stories. Easy, as always. Thanks again, everyone. A big thanks to Bond for doing so much of the legwork to make this happen.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Everybody Wins

I dreamed last night that I had an opportunity to play live with some rock band. I lugged my amp up beside the stage and got ready to go on. For whatever reason, I decided that "Crossroads" by Cream would be a good choice to open with.

(I doubt I'd ever do that one live, btw. It requires too much hot dog soloing).

Anyway, the other guys in the band didn't know it, and kept suggesting all this popular radio fare that I'd never heard, and certainly couldn't play.

I never got to perform.


Wolfboy has figured out that he can stretch out bedtime by asking me to play him some songs on the guitar.

I tried out one I've re-learned, "She's Already Made Up Her Mind" by Lyle Lovett. Wolfboy wasn't in the mood. "Delia's Gone" was nixed as well.

I whipped out a quick verse/chorus from "Gimme Three Steps," and although he paid attention, he proclaimed that it wasn't rock 'n' roll.

He's grounded until he's 30.

Anyway, I played some of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" and "Iron Man" before knocking out an abbreviated "Copperhead Road" (Steve Earle, for those of you keeping score at home) and sending him to bed. He seemed to enjoy it (the song, not the going to bed part).

Everybody wins.


Someday I want to post a list of songs I'd do if I were performing.

If any of you are musicians, I'd certainly like to hear your potential set list. Stuff YOU'D want to play.


Headed to bed soon. Maybe in tonight's dream I'll actually get to pick a little.


My dad has an interesting blog. As I write this, I can't recall if I've linked to it on this page. Surely I have. Anyway, if you don't see a link, look up Gulf Coast Boy. Some really good storytelling from the Briscoe patriarch.


Good night.